Cheapest Cities in Europe

Whoever told you that a Europe trip means a massive dent to your savings was only half right! Some destinations in Europe work out even cheaper than a Southeast Asian trip with the added benefit that most aren’t as hot and humid as Asian countries. If you are accustomed to a cool and comfortable environment made possible by Tri-County Heating and Air, you can find affordable accommodation in Europe at reasonable prices.

1. Prague

Prague is a haven for travelers because it has so much to offer from the Grand Prague Castle to the intriguing chapels, from some delicious local beers to fine wines from striking buildings to flowing rivers.

But more importantly, Prague works out to be very budget-friendly because there’s plenty of affordable accommodation, Backpackers hostels, roadside eateries, and low-cost walking tours available.

2. Tallinn

Unlike many of its European counterparts, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is not overrun by rowdy tourists. This charming city is a gorgeous blend of the urban landscape and gothic architecture dotted with pristine coastline. It also has a thriving nightlife and food scene. Add a dash of fun to your vacation.

3. Budapest

The capital city of Hungary, sitting majestic on the banks of River Danube, is one of Europe’s tourist hot spots. The Hungarian baths are definitely a sight to behold.

But what makes Budapest, so pocket friendly is its extensive and extremely value for money public transport system. You can take a day-long, all week-long pass, and explore the city to your heart’s content.

4. Zagreb

With cobblestone streets, grandiose architecture, and roadside cafes, Zagreb suddenly has the vibe of European cities like Rome or Paris. But since it is relatively unexplored by travelers, rates are much lower than anywhere else in Europe. While you are here in the Croatian capital, you must also check out the very intriguing Museum of Broken Relationships.

5. Saranda

Looking for some Mediterranean sun, the Albanian Riviera is every bit as beautiful as the French Riviera but much more untouched and definitely a lot cheaper. Splash in the aqua waters, get tanned on the sun-drenched beaches, and fill yourself with seafood for classic European sojourn.


If skiing on the Swiss slopes is stretching your budget too far, Bansko is the perfect alternative for you. Nestled on the Pirin mountain range band, Bansko has serene, snowy vistas wherever you look. Once you have done racing down the slopes, throw back a few drinks at one of the towns many traditional pubs.

6. Malaga

Tourists in Spain often overlooked Malaga for Serbia and Granada. But that’s a serious mistake. With a budding art scene, a jaw-dropping coastline, and an electric atmosphere, M├ílaga definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list. If that’s not motivation enough, the food here is super cheap. Enjoy Spanish tapas to your heart’s content and feel your wallet smile.

7. Porto

Compare the prices in Porto and Lisbon, and you’ll be shocked at the difference.

It may be Portugal’s second-largest city, but it won’t blow a hole in your savings. There are plenty of cozy cafes offering affordable bikes and wine that’s almost as cheap as water. Voila, feel your expenses shrinking during your stay in Porto.